Tissues Revitalisers

Tissues Revitalisers are medical substances often containing hyaluronic acid or natural products as vitamins or coenzymes, which don’t have any chemical modification that could alter their bio-interactivity.
These substances play important biological roles in preventing and contrasting the cutaneous ageing.
Their action gives tissues hydration and compactness, new collagen synthesis and antioxidation on free radicals.
The tissues revitalisers represent a new way to prevent and contrast cutaneous aging.

These revitalisers could be injected into the derma of the cheeks with the aim of giving skin tone, or in the neck to correct wrinkles and lift the skin.
For example, with the “picotage technique” we can operate on face, neck and dècolletè to prevent photo-ageing, or we can use them in periocular and perioral zone to correct fine lines or to give tone to the tissues.

The revitaliser programmes are all personalized and they often need 3-4 treatments every 15 days and then a maintenance program each month.