Hyalyse, is a new molecule developed starting from Jaluronic acid which has high viscosity due to its polymerization and its tri-dimensional conformity.
It can bind water and has a fundamental role in connective tissue where it controls interstitial liquid diffusion of substances and prevents toxic substances diffusion and bacterial diffusion in localized infections.
Every injury or disease which modifies Jaluronic acid properties determines substances diffusion from vessels to tissues and vice versa.

This what happens in pathologies like acne: the follicle, anatomical structure interested by the disease, is located inside the connective tissue (the same structure which contains Jaluronic acid). The increasing seborrhea reduces the oxygen to the follicle so that the nutritional, hormonal and anticorpal exchanges become difficult, the tissue is less moisturized and consequently more attackable by saprophytic bacteria.
If we could give the tissues the lost Jaluronic acid, we would be able to increase the moisturizing, the collagen synthesis increase and contrast the bacterial diffusion. Hyalyse is able to do these actions.

A similar thing happens in every tissue injury which determines a loss in Jaluronic acid, so it acts on scars, on dermatitis in general (eczema, photo allergic, seborroic dermatitis), etc.

The treatment is done by an exfoliating substance which removes the epidermis and permits Hyalyse to penetrate deeply to derma, and Hyalyse, which replaced the removed layers of the skin, with new normal layers.

To work perfectly, the ambulatory treatments needs a very simple therapy at home which consists in products containing Hyalyse; Products without any negative effects and with a great satisfaction already after only few weeks treatment.

It can be considered the most innovative, non invasive, dermatological treatment of the moment.